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Best on steak

At Big Horn we are greatly proud of our long traditions and also high-quality ingredients and commodities. Our meat is mainly Gilde Extra from Nortura, the chicken from the Indre Smaalenene in Østfold and the salmon is premium salmon from Frøya. One of our definite favourites is tenderloin with lobster tail, asparagus and béarnaise sauce. Welcome to an amazing steak experience!

A great streak experience

Did you know that there is more flavour in a raw beef than in a well-cooked beef - and more flavour in an entrecote than in a tenderloin? A great steak experience at Big Horn includes the rib eye bone which is a matured, marbled entrecote comb. It comes served with sautéed red onion, asparagus and potatoes of your choice of potatoes.

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Raw ingredients in focus

We serve Norwegian meat exclusively; our meat is mainly Gilde Extra from Nortura. There is more flavour in a raw steak than in a well-cooked steak, and a much stronger taste in an entrecote than in a tenderloin.

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The choice is yours

At Big Horn we welcome you to put together your own set meal, entirely customised to fit your preferences. Choose your favourite from the main menu and then choose sauce, sides and potatoes. Naturally, you also get to decide how you want your steak fried.

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Casual atmosphere

Big Horn Steakhouse has a relaxed and informal style, we welcome you and your party of family, friends or a date. Is your party large, are you arrange a birthday celebration, a Christmas party or something significant? Our team is at the ready and are delighted to assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us by mail or telephone.